Buyer’s Remorse

Back to the grind. There was not much left of the early spring feeling today. Since yesterday (Sunday, i took a day off from girls) then temperature had been fallen back to January level and it was rainy. Not the best setting on first glance. But as it is daily routine I am grateful for every weather, that makes it not completely impossible to go out and enjoy my passion.

For a Monday quite not typically the street was almost deserted. Most girls on the streets are working in the shops or nearby offices. So I mostly saw common faces. Some of them I already approached in the past, some of them i see every day and they are not in my target group.

This session I had the chance to make a triple, as I had an instant-date the last session and the session before. The squirrel I kiss closed on Saturday btw had blocked my number, before I even could send a feeler message. Buyer’s Remorse – no doubt about that.

I really was keen on the street kiss close. So I gamed several girls in the last weeks for that. Although I knew it would turn out into buyer’s remorse. It was just something I really wanted to proof myself – or better to say: my ego. 🙂

So when I decided myself to go for the kiss, I was full aware that everybody told me before I would lose the girl after that. But you first believe it, after you make that mistake yourself. The girl feels just to easy afterwards and regrets that „she let herself go“.

It’s a pity, I really liked what I saw of her so far and felt a deeper connection than usually. But I’m grateful for that moment we had and had no further expectations. Nonetheless it would have been nice to get to know her a bit better. But…over!

So today back to the grind. But I have to be honest: I’m in a really good state actually. My phone is full of girls and the dates are lining up. So it is not really a grind, it flows currently. 😊

I made 5 approaches and called it a day. Most girls were on, but nothing really hooked. A two set was nice, my target instantly gave me doggy puppy eyes, but the fatty played the cockblock perfectly.

Streak is broken, but tomorrow a new day for nene adventures.

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