Corona Game

How to game in times of Corona? Ok guys, the world is changing rapidly and every part of Life is somehow affected.  Yes, even Game.  Nightgame has actually become illegal, although most reasonable people would stay away anyway I guess.  – weird times.  While Daygame in city centers and pedestrian areas – as we knew … Read more

2 years of Daygame Challenge

If you’re going out with me regularly or following my journey on any other medium (Instagram, Facebook, Blog), you might have recognized I just cut down my Daygame times.  It felt right after completing 2 years of almost daily going out. When I started this period as a challenge in 2017, I had no idea, … Read more

Monogamy, Polygamy or Hypergamy?

Monogamy, Polygamy, and Hypergamy are words a player sooner or later comes in touch with. But what do they actually mean and which relevance do they have to humans in general and especially the player? Monogamy: The monogamy is the current societal life model. Man and woman start forming a family and hopefully give birth … Read more

How Sex happens Magically

The last days and weeks were full of action and business, new experiences and levels were reached, – so it is sometimes hard to keep pace. Not only is it hard to capture all that happens into blog articles, but it is sometimes also tough to process all this mentally and emotionally. That is why … Read more

Nightgame with Phil

“Be careful! Over there are two trannies.” Alarming as this shout out from my wingman was, it left more questions than it gave answers. I carefully looked around and had no idea, whom he actually precisely meant. I decided to step nearer to him to reduce any sort of misunderstanding. Which was a generally good … Read more