Being Proud of Yourself

Taking pride in yourself on a regular basis is one of the bigger challenges in a man’s life. Overall, it’s more often about giving yourself what most men (and women too) expect from other people. We men have an evolutionary advantage here (as is so often the case), but in the course of time (also “as so often”) we have forgotten how to consistently capitalize on it. When we look around and become more aware of our surroundings, we see mostly weepy underdogs around us who, under catastrophic conditions, enter into some sort of relationship, just to avoid being alone. Meanwhile, I have to smile to myself tiredly when I can watch the boys holding hands (“mate guarding”) with their girlfriends on the beach promenade on Sunday. Too many men still think that one of the most important goals in a man’s life is to have a girlfriend whom he has to hold on to. So that nobody takes them away from him. 🙂


Most boys (I deliberately do not speak of “men”) do not understand that it is precisely with this behavior that they encourage boredom, which later leads to them going to hookers and their wives to me. 🙂

Realizing that Far Eastern philosophy is perhaps the most important key to being really successful with women – as with everything else in life – is only granted to very few. But if you want to have extraordinary success, you also have to be extraordinary. Excellence is key!

A very nice film on this subject is “The Tao of Steve”, which shows both how unimportant good looks are when seducing women, as well as that “Everything with has to do with everything”. Those who are not in balance internally will not be successful with women either – or bind themselves to the wrong person too soon.

When I was eating steak with friends at the Radisson on Friday, I said to a young Cypriot friend of 21 years the sentence that everyone should hear from his father before he even met the first woman: “Women age like milk, men like Wine.” While the beauty of women quickly fades from 25, men get better and more successful over the years – especially with young girls. Those who commit too early cut themselves off from later opportunities and successes.

So if you make yourself too dependent on the love, affection, attention, and praise of others, you end up in a relationship on bad terms too quickly. The girls know how to bind someone who actually plays “outside of their league”. So it is important to learn to control your emotions and give yourself what most expect from others.

However, it is not always easy, as I myself have to find out again and again. Especially since the framework conditions for daygame and nightgame are still far from ideal – here in Cyprus. However, things are slowly improving: the restaurants, bars, and cafes have been open again since last Tuesday. Unfortunately not the strip clubs yet – which is a shame, since I’ve developed a passion for the stripper game since 2019. I would have liked to test some of the relevant establishments here.

The conditions in the bars are also far from ideal – especially since we are still out of season. And since the number of infections is rising again, it remains to be seen whether the hospitality and tourism lobby will ultimately be strong enough to keep the shops open.

What I’m much more pleased about at the moment is that this opening also leads to a slight liveliness on the streets: Daygame is slowly getting better again – even though it’s out of season. If there wasn’t too much work and bad weather, I could definitely have done more. So it stayed with my trip to the beach promenade of Larnaca today – and modest 2 sets. Although: is it really that modest? In my first 5 weeks here I only did 4 (in words: four!) Sets. But I had three instant dates of those. Advanced day gamers know that this is the typical beginner’s luck that one often has after long breaks or at the very beginning.

But of course that also ensured that I had made myself comfortable in my head: I had four warm leads in the last few weeks, although I still haven’t done much. And if I needed new ones, I would just have to go out for 5 minutes. But that’s not how it works.

Today I decided to do more and in the end I achieved it. There was even a set of 2, but with the best of intentions they didn’t want to hook. Although my target (HB7 / 27 – small, curly, lively) even gave me IOIs. But the obstacle gave the moral and thus the cockblock, so the mood didn’t fit correctly. Unfortunately, that’s how it often works in daygame with sets of 2.

The second set was a Russian woman with whom I was too slow and therefore didn’t use my Russian language skills. Afterwards, of course, I remembered the vocabulary.


But of course I pat myself on the shoulder and look forward to the upcoming summer season with optimism. So, let’s stay proud of ourselves. 🙂

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