Career and its effects

Have you ever noticed what effect men with money have on other people? Why do you think that is? Many answer this question immediately: On the money! But is that really the truth? Or is it because of your career?

Money and success

The truth is a bit more complex in my opinion: it is not the money itself that makes the rich man’s impact on his environment, but the reason he has it. There is usually a success story behind the man’s money: hard work, an extraordinary talent – paired with the will to succeed.

Confidence and complacency

So it is not the money itself that creates this effect, but self-confidence and complacency.
Confidence because this man knows that he can achieve the goals he sets.
And complacency because this man knows exactly what he has already achieved.

New challenges

The best proof is that many already rich and successful men are looking for new challenges. If it were only the effect of the money that they had enough of, they would have no reason to take new risks.
The image of the entrepreneur is the most suitable here: If a young entrepreneur has been very successful and has sold his company, he often looks for new challenges.

It doesn’t always have to be a new company. Many are looking for completely different new challenges: writing a book, a lecturer position, working as a coach or public speaker. Another is looking for new challenges in sport or competition. Very few will lie on their rotten skin afterwards. Maybe for a while, but soon her ambition and her search for new goals will drive her out of the hammock.


An exception to this is certainly men who have received their money without their own efforts, e.g. by birth to a rich family. If these men just put their money on display without ever having achieved anything significant, in my experience it just looks fake and ridiculous.
And that is exactly the effect that money creates in isolation: it opens doors, but it does not make you a better person. The success behind it, however, is.

Your career

What about your career? What do you associate with her? What are your career goals? Do you have any questions about a specific problem?
Just write me in the comments.

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