Daygame Gloves

Yesterday gave me more motivation than I originally thought. Overall, I still notice in myself that I often have the feeling that I am less motivated than I am in the end. At least that’s what the results show. But first things first: Last night was one of the more difficult. Two months ago I started another round of detox. Just in a phase in which I changed my client and the center of my life. – I would be bored if I didn’t work on three construction sites at the same time. 😀


The pain was so great last night that I could neither sleep nor enjoy the night. I just wanted to be alone and kept reading Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”. It’s ghostly how close we come to this dystopia and at the same time the majority continues to cheer. But that’s not supposed to be the topic here.

The night was short according to the pain and this morning was correspondingly heavier, the joints ached and I felt miserable as a dog. On days like this I have to bandage my hands or wear gloves. White cotton gloves – so you can call me the butler, pantomime or, alternatively, Miss Daisy’s chauffeur. 🙂

On such days it is difficult for me to face clients, business partners, lawyers and whoever else I deal with during the day. On days like this, I would actually pull the covers over my head and turn on Netflix. But experience shows that that doesn’t help either.

When I came back in the afternoon with a Russian friend from a meeting with lawyers in Larnaca, I saw a girl sitting at the bus stop in our town, who immediately awakened my daygamer instincts. I drove my girlfriend home briefly and then thought about how I could go about the bus stop target. After a brief consideration, however, I decided against it – for the following reasons:

  1. Girls are like trams – the next one is sure to come. To run after one of them only brings bad luck.
  2. It is a small place and I had seen it before. The likelihood is accordingly high that I will see her again. A hasty approach would be unnecessary and ruin my future chances.
  3. My gloves.

The third point to really think about: How should I be able to play in the next few weeks – my detox problems will probably last that long – if I have to wear these stupid cotton gloves every other day?

Another friend gave me the idea of ​​buying leather gloves – like Karl Lagerfeld. That’s right, he always wore leather gloves to protect his hands. I can do that too and then come up with some daring story to go with it. So I ordered a pair of leather gloves without fingers on Ebay.

However – we are in Cyprus – these will only come in a few weeks. My daygamer instincts (or isn’t it an addiction after all?) Were already awakened and I wanted to do at least one more set today after work.

So I put on my fitness gloves for my day game in Larnaca today. It’s hardly noticeable in the semi-darkness anyway. However, the day game in Larnaca in the evening is not that simple. It is currently still out of season and thanks to the “killer virus” there are hardly any tourists here anyway. So it actually stayed with a measly set with a Japanese woman who, on closer inspection, turned out to be older and more Asian than originally assumed. The masks don’t make it any easier either. I ejected relatively quickly when the opportunity arose and she could go home with a compliment.


I am very curious to see how the situation in daygame and nightgame will develop here. In any case, on the weekends I will continue to drive to the other places on the island so that I don’t have everything burned here in Larnaca soon.

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