2 years of Daygame Challenge

If you’re going out with me regularly or following my journey on any other medium (Instagram, Facebook, Blog), you might have recognized I just cut down my Daygame times. 


It felt right after completing 2 years of almost daily going out. When I started this period as a challenge in 2017, I had no idea, where it would take me. And it turned out: I really hadn’t. 😀

In 2017 I had planned this as a challenge of weeks, maybe months to finally learn daygame. But the deeper you dive into the rabbit hole, the more it seems you need to know. 

Instead of a Daygame Challenge of weeks, it became a studies of game, evolution, psychology, sociology, selling, NLP, public speaking and last but not least women, or better: people in general. 

During these two years (broken by my health problems) I have spoken to round about 3.000 women in Daygame, uncounted in Nightgame or Clubgame.

What has this Daygame Challenge brought me:


  • had amazing adventures with hot, intelligent and beautiful women
  • met innumerable great people all over the world
  • traveled the world
  • had innumerable incredible night outs 
  • cut off toxic people and relationships
  • never knew, how the day would turn out in the end or when it would end 🙂
  • learned more applicable knowledge than ever before 
  • made innumerable contacts in the Community for business, game or simply hang out
  • outgamed clueless chodes … haha 😀
  • formed invincible partnerships with real and authentic people
  • understood the world finally
  • became better at talking to people
  • became more sociable in general
  • became better at public speaking
  • learned how to lead people and conversations
  • learned real selling – no more nice guy selling…haha 😀
  • learned to love myself
  • learned to love others
  • learned to love life and being grateful
  • learned how to meditate 
  • connected to my higher self
  • learned to be more chilled and fun
  • learned how to control energy, feelings and focus
  • learned how to generate and control momentum
  • mad peace with religion
  • exited the social matrix
  • became a moral person
  • became a better person

I can’t be grateful enough for all of this.

Especially I want to thank my mentors Dan Bad Boy and Phil Heitlinger, my business partners, my friends, the whole community and everybody, who is reading this. 🙂

This journey was an unpredictable and incredible ride and it will go on. 

There was a great quote by Neil Strauss in the beginning of his book “The Game”:

“Dedicated to the thousands of people I talked to in bars, clubs, malls, airports, grocery stores, subways, and elevators over the last two vears.

If you are reading this, I want you to know that I wasn’t running game on you. I was being sincere.

Really. You were different.”


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