Bitch Shield

Overgamed – again. Often times I realize this, just after I hit the streets. So it was again kind of a push through, with nothing really happening. Five or six sets and nothing really hooked. Tough targets mostly – with one even presenting a formidable bitch shield.


Seldom this happens on the streets. Nightgamers instead are used to it. As approaching a girl in the night time and especially in bar or club surroundings is socially more accepted (weird world, right?), girls kind are expecting this to happen. To sort out the weed, they put a bitch shield on, which prevents them from hanging around all night with unworthy men.

As girls aren’t expecting to get approached by men in the daytime (again – weird world), they very rarely have a bitch shield.

The one I opened today HB9 could have been part of a porn movie or other erotic material. Most players would describe her as a ten: large, perfect face, style and body from a mainstream point of view. Her light Eastern European accent completed any men phantasy.

So, she was the perfect example for a bitch shield and although I got her laughing in the end, she never really hooked. Maybe another day… The bitch shield basically is a test of the player’s frame, reactiveness and persistence. She wants to see, if you have balls.


Tomorrow is Daygame Workshop again and me and the team we are all looking forward to welcome more than 20 men, that are willing to invest in and work on themselves.

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