Corona Game

How to game in times of Corona?

Ok guys, the world is changing rapidly and every part of Life is somehow affected. 

Yes, even Game. 

Nightgame has actually become illegal, although most reasonable people would stay away anyway I guess.  – weird times. 

While Daygame in city centers and pedestrian areas – as we knew it – has become inefficient, the reasonable player knows how to stay “in shape” with a few approaches every day. There will always be game – as long as there are men and girls. 😀

  1. Area

    Short: Wherever you are allowed to go right now – grocery stores, gas stations, neighborhood.
    Be careful with any healthcare-related localities; people are sensitive right now.

  2. Target Selection / Screening

    Neither it is the time to wait for a HB9, nor for a Yes-Girl.
    That doesn’t mean, you should take every girl you. But you should lower your expectations to a mild level. 

  3. Calibration

    Calibration is key right now. You should try to be even more relatable than ever before. Guys who are already well connected and liked in their neighborhood definitely have an advantage.

  4. Distance

    It is easy to observe, that people, in general, hold more distance to other people. That means girls would feel intimidated far more easily than normal if you would step in too deep.

  5. No Handshake

    Some Guys do it, others not. I fell the girls don’t like it, so I leave it this way.

  6. High Energy with good vibe

    You want to be different! Everybody is in a bad mood, talking about the news all day right now. You don’t want to be like,e that. Instead, you shine with a fun vibe pre-approach and open with joy and laughter.

    Give her something to laugh about, to break the ice. 🙂

  7. Nice Guy Game

    Again, try to be more relatable these days. Girls are sensitive and like men to stay around them right now. They don’t want to feel alone and therefor are currently more interested in the nice guy than the hardcore alpha male. 

    Infield it is important to not scare her away with early kino moves or oversexualizing of the conversation. Instead, give her more room to express her feelings.
  8. Push for the Video Call

    Try to spend some time with the girl. As it has become increasingly more difficult to do this in real life, try to push for the early video call. So you can make her feel more comfortable, although it might not be possible to meet in public. You even can show her your appartment, so she might gain trust in you to possibly visit you. Maybe already after the quarantine. 🙂

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