Cut out negative thinking!

Daygame is grind, Daygame is a hustle. Especially, if you start in a new city with 0 (in words: zero) leads! 

You arrived at the airport, train station, hotel, whatever and you re wingman texts you, he couldn’t make it. 

So, what can you do about that?

Well, actually nothing. You can just go out and start to make things happen.

From this perspective it is no better situation as being a salesman with zero contacts in a new city.

You just have to start from scratch.

Chat some people up, get rejected or brushed off and finally, after some inner game struggle with yourself…

…, while peeling off chewing gum from your new leather shoes,… 😉

the first hook points in the interactions.

Clients and girls are asking you questions, they get interested in the product…I like… 🙂

But to get to this point, you have to master one important innergame technique:

Weed out the negative thinking and milk out the positive! 

Success allows no doubt about your final results.

Every results can be framed into a positive one.

For example now:

I here guys complaining:

“Worst time for Players.”

“Daygame is first time ever impossible.”

But some people can’t see the beauty in it:

This is a new start!

Everyone has to stay at home and most people will not use this situation to their advantage. That’s why it is so easy to excel now! 

So use the current situation wisely!

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