Date Day

What a day again. My dream life goes on. Health is stable and I go on working on my nutrition. A friend suggested Chia seeds and I integrated them in my daily nutrition plan. So more power for me and my amazing lifestyle.

Part of my daily routine is morning gratitude. I practice this for quite a while now on daily basis and my days get better and better. I now realize through this practice how important it is to turn my focus on all the positive things. While we are complaining about all those little things we tend to forget how many things we have in our life’s we should be grateful of.

The experience of my long lasting health problems, which nearly cost me my life, surely was a gift I meanwhile understand. For me it is still just natural to thank god every morning for waking up and being able to enjoy all the gifts life offers.

Every interaction with other human beings is far more positive with this attitude. So it is more joy for me to work in our masculinity community, get to know new people in the gym and to Daygame for sure as well.

Again I could leave the house with sunglasses, an open coat and a beeming smile, when heading for that sunny Daygame session. I had set up a date with the cute little Russian shoe addict I met two days before.

Russian as she is, she tried to derail the date train accordingly. And experienced as I am I took the challenge. She sent me a message before noon trying to mess up my plans. But I used soft dominance to reroute her on the right way. 😎 I told here when and where to meet and dismissed any further discussion with soft dominance. I like her, so no need to be an asshole. And because her German – let‘s say – has still upward potential I sent her the google maps location as well.

The time before the date I used for 5 approaches, which actually brought up one more Russian girl and an encounter with an Ukrainian princess, I half an hour later greeted over half the street range. I love this game. And the student who was with me enjoyed the amazing state as well. We were in flow state.

I asked my student to accompany me for the date location to get some further social proof. As he is 20 he is in exactly her age group (18), so it is good for her to see that people her age enjoy being with me. Therefor I also mentioned my former marriage to an Eastern European woman. Eastern European predilection is something special!

She was perfectly on time for the date and looked amazing. She looked classy and sexy and her makeup was on point. So it was clear: my game had to be too!

She is totally compliant and accepting my leading role – I just love Russian women for that. So we we’re heading for the first date venue and she started giving me some congruency tests (again the age gap), which I passed – „you can call me daddy.“ 😉

As the First venue was not very inviting a shorthand changed plans and went directly with her to the second location. A roof top bar with an amazing view and a huge terrace that gave an early view on the upcoming summer season. We had a drink and chilled and smoked. When I went for the first kiss close. I knew it was early, as we hadn’t had much rapport at that time, but I always plan to give her a second try. So she gave me the block and mocked a bit indignation. Again: I just love Russian girls for that. 😂 You have to know game to play it properly.

But obviously the kiss close had worked, because she started asking the right questions. Where exactly I live, how far it is away, how long I am separated from my wife etc. And she started telling me, how childish boys her age are and that a real man has to have experience in life etc. I was in her head!- well done, mate! I metaphorically patted myself on the shoulder.

I started lowering my investment and, whenever I did that, she invested more. So this was on meanwhile! I planned to go for the second kiss close on the way to the train station. We payed and left. Within the last hour of conversation we were feeling more bound meanwhile, so the language barrier came down and we started feeling more connected.

On the way to the train station I was spinning her around a bit in Salsa style and pulled her in again for the second kiss close. This time she blocked me again, but much softer this time. This time she was saying almost submissive:“We only know each other for two days.“ Again: a typical Russian girl. She is still traditional and has strong rules a man has to accept. That’s her game and she plays it well.

That’s why I am always a bit more relaxed with Russian girls: the have strong boundaries – even if it might turn out only an affair in the end. From my experience these girls are worth waiting a date longer, as they make up for that a thousand times, when they can trust you and relax near you.

We set up the next date loosely and said goodby at the train station. What a nice day in wonderland again. 😊

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