Daygame Season 2020 started

Lots of parties over the holidays: immune system down, caught a cold and had to recover a couple of days.

Normally I don’t party that much, but I was coaching at a Bootcamp with Phil (Closer Lifestyle) and it was a good opportunity for me to get some Nightgame and Clubgame training.

So today after a business meeting with a former prospect (now client ūüôā ) I was strolling the K√∂nigstra√üe up and down to start the Daygame season 2020.

Weather was pretty fine and as it was shortly after lunch break a couple of approachable targets on the street.

The first set was in the public transport on my way to Stuttgart. HB7 (20 yo). I opened more indirect in regard of the higher social pressure situation. She responded quite well, but kept the interaction on a more shallow level.

I gave her 3 or 4 baits, but she never really hooked. Instead she returned back to her phone often. As it says ABC (always be closing) I went for the NC. She gave the boyfriend and I overruled it. But she didn’t give in. So nothing out of it.

Second and third set were nothing.

The fourth set HB7 (25) was a moving target on the street. I stopped her strong and opened her indirect-direct and teased her with the grumpy look on her face.

She responded quite well and took the bait, making it easy into the conversation, but then excused her, before the hook point was reached.

The fifth set HB8 (19) actually was a bit disappointing, as it turned out I had found a Yes-Girl. She had a bit of an artsy style bag, socks with a cannabis leaf on them and a shirt that was much to short for this season as I could see her belly.

I opened her indirect-direct and teased her hard, which I now assume was too strong for her, especially as a Yes-Girl. Yet she took it very well and introduced herself. That was when I realized, she is a Yes-Girl. Unfortunately that moment her friend came out of the shop and she blushed and excused her – bubble broken – too fast – damn. I also had broken the eye contact a bit too early, maybe she had hooked stronger.

But I’m pretty satisfied with this Start in the season.

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