Daygame Workshop Model

I changed the Daygame Workshop to Saturday. It is just easier for a lot of people to attend, whom normally because of their working hours aren’t able to. And yeah, we were I think 15 people at all. That’s quite a gathering of masculine power.

As always we started with some theoretical advice. But I always try to keep it applicable. I myself always had a strong opportunistic approach to game and all the other challenges, that can have a practical impact on game results.

In the Moment I am focusing on state and vibe, so i talked about that a bit. But what is far more noteworthy is the fact that still nobody can repeat the model we are teaching. And the model is actually pretty simple:

1. Open

2. Vibing

3. Hook Point

4. Investment (Comfort, Rapport)

5. Close

It’s very plain vanilla and simple. There are endless possibilities to tune this or to add further elements.

But for beginners and even intermediates this is absolutely enough. But one should learn and use it. No structure – less results.

Three students I could help today with their approach anxiety. They all made their approaches after a short InnerGame talk.

I myself made 5 approaches, of which one hooked with a squirrel type HB7. I opened her strong and gave her a second tease short after the opener, and bam the magic happened and the set hooked. She invested a lot and I would have loved to go on an instant date with her. But the students were waiting, so I took the number and we found out, that we are living near each other. Nice coincidence.

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