Ebb and Flood

Krauser said:“The Sex first comes as a dripple and then as a flood.“ And more metaphors about liquidity correspond to game and even life in general. There are always times of flood like there are always times of ebb.

So, as I mentioned already before, staying humble in the good times is crucial. I can’t stress this enough. It takes a wise player to be grateful and modest in times of success, being aware that there can’t always be ups.

But being aware of the future ebb and controlling your new found success ego, is the best way to get out of it actually. Because when you develop this new ego-incapsulated identity („I am a successful Player. All women want me. I can do whatever I want. My style is special. I developed a new style and found the perfect way for me.“), you are already digging your future grave of success. These are the ideas that brought emperors to fall. And they will bring every player back to chode‘s hell for quite a while.

That is the reason why many players fall after a peak back – under the success level of their worst times. Because now, in times of ebb they are without success, but still with the above mentioned ego. And no success but big ego is the worst combination you can find. For the player and basically everybody else. This „configuration“ you can often find in the CEOs of economically suffering blue chip companies. Often they are clinging to old strategies or concepts, while a new generation of competitions is already behind the horizon.

They way to deal with the tides of life is – acceptance and development. Accepting, that you are in a different state now and that you have to develop in any way. Sometimes it is just a matter of time. So start enjoying both tides – for they are an integral part of your life and the process.

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