Emotional Rollercoaster

Every Daygamer knows the grind. It is when you go out, the weather not in your favor, your overall mood shitty on a daily basis and….nothing hooks. 1, 2, 3, 4 sets and you basically get nothing out of it except rejections. Sometimes not even the friendly one, but such of high eyebrows and harsh brush offs. A daygamer could write a whole chapter solely on this topic. Controlling the emotions is key in those phases.

But there are other days, like yesterday for example, where things work in your favor and seem to click by purpose magically. It is a proof of concept somehow to see, that these days often come in a row.

As it is Saturday the streets in the city are crowded. I met the guys at 5 pm in the centre and we were bullshitting around a bit before taking business seriously and starting the hunt. After a coaching talk to a student and a mild excuse of my first target (no click, no hook), we turned back to the centre to regroup with the guys again.

Then I saw her HB8 (20 yo, squirrel type) passing by and my instincts were sending signals. I gave the eyes pre approach and opened her strong with a front stop. Her eyes were immediately reacting and I could see the hook, even before I opened her. Nonetheless I opened her with indirect-direct and teased her a bit („squirrel“), which gave her a bursting laugh. While that I was holding her hand all the time, progressing with her to a little spin around on the street. She was responding so well, that I thought to go for the KC. I weighted this option against her possible Buyer‘s Remorse and decided that it would be too fast and that she might regret that later.

So I took her hand and her for a „coffee“, which I then rerouted to a little city walk, ending in the park for a chill and smoke. We were sitting there and talking intensely, developing rapport. The connection came naturally and it was one of those moments, you will never forget in your life. She opened up to me and I gave her some small insights into my world. I fixated her eyes and kissed her. It was a magic moment, unbelievable.

She was shy and I felt she was afraid to meet my friends, so we said goodbye and swapped numbers, before I sent her on her way again.

I am just grateful.

On the other hand this is now the upside of the so called emotional rollercoaster in daygame. It is now easy to get high feelings again and it is as destructive as the negative feelings.

So the solution is to stay as emotionally grounded and controlled as possible. Otherwise even a senior player gets into destructive behavior full of expectations and pressure for the girl. Instead it is important to leave her her space and stay with the higher mission.

So I will enjoy the moment and what happened, without thinking of the future or what might come.

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