Yesterday we had again some trouble in the community. It is sometimes hard to make a decision between the interests of single (wannabe) players and the entire community. Additionally often times these decision are quite hard to understand from an outsiders and even a newbie insider‘s perspective.

On the one hand our community and its values are strongly libertarian. So each other should enjoy as much freedom as possible, while totally taking care of himself as a reasonable person. On the other hand we are a community. So the purpose of the community and the work of everybody, who stays inside the boundaries, are goods, that need protection.

As the community leaders including myself are on a more experienced level than most of the members of the community, we regularly see behaviors, habits and character traits regularly, that lead into a wrong direction. We are trying to integrate them in a reasonable way, while still pointing them out and explaining the wrong direction.

From my experience good game is very authentic, it is played in a well received manner, when you are able to leave your ego isolated identity for your higher self. Sounds woo woo, but is real advanced shit. Girls sense, if you are yourself or playing a persona. That is, what makes player really sucessful – being yourself, but a better yourself.

Therefor it makes no difference to me, if someone is hiding behind dance lessons or behind low value approaches (waitress, dance instructor, fundraisers) or online game personas (e.g. tinder). A person like that is not confronting his ego with the harsh reality of competition and failure and generic growth. Like Mark Manson would say: these are buffers. Buffers between your ego and your true self.

So we will cut down the community again and again. We only want to gather those around us, that are aligned with the community principles and themselves. No matter how good or bad they are. In fact I always prefer a sincere newbie before an inhonest person, that might be more succesfull with women. Game is a marathon, no sprint. Self reflective honesty is crucial to master this.

The weather changed back to rainy and I decided to go out for some gutter game in the evening. We met with the guys in the shopping mall and made a couple of photos for photo ping messages. I approached a decent looking girl in her mid twenties and instantly hooked her with some dominance and charming. So she was very willing to make the pictures and really invested some effort.

After that it was pure fun with the boys. We hang out and made fun and everybody around us was looking, when our loud laughings made their way through half of the mall. This is a great pre approach value one should use for a set every now and then.

I made my 5 approaches and showed one of the students another couple of them. But no luck today, nothing really sticked, and the streets weren‘t crowded enough for a real push through 10 or 20 sets. Meanwhile I am really good at accepting, if the weather, the luck or whatever is not playing in my favor. So I used the rest of the time for some theoretical advice to the students and more bullshitting. 🙂

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