Giving and Taking Value

One of the most important things you realize in game, but should fairly implement in further areas of life is the concept of giving and taking value.

As you progress in social dynamics and you get better in everyday interactions, you realize that from your own point of view every relationship to another person is one of giving or taking value.

There is always one person in a two person interaction that has value for the other person. That person with the lower perceived value will invest more into the interaction, while the other one is more giving.

In Daygame this Value Concept is very obvious in the Daygame structures: before the hook point the player has no such value to the target, as she doesn’t know him and can’t evaluate the players value beforehand. It is the players primary task to project value in the opening and vibing phases of the set. If the hook point is reached, the value relation changes. Now the target perceives the value of the player as higher. So she will start to invest more and the experiences player leans back.

Not so experienced players instead struggle with interview and question mode before and after the hook point. Instead of giving value they are taking it from the target. So the Set becomes awkward and stiff. The girl sees no reason, why to spend time with somebody, who’s sucking her energy out like a vampire. Don’t be that vampire!

Same thing are we as the community leaders in Stuttgart and Frankfurt doing, when we give away free workshops and coachings every week. We convince the other members of the community by giving away free value. The members of the community are able to perceive the actual value they can get out of a coaching first hand. We make them better for free. So if they want to become much better later on, they will know, who helped them before with practical advice and will return to us.

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