Groundhog Day

Monday, classic Daygame day. The streets were more crowded than last week, although it again got much colder. Maybe some people have returned from their ski trips.

I started with one good wing, who is always very vibing and a more emotional Player. That’s what I really like about his style, because it is easy for me to get out of my head, while talking with him. Later a second good player joined us and we were strolling the streets.

I opened two sets and got relatively fast rejections. The third approach was a HB7 (22 yo), that I opened again indirect-direct („Admiral‘s coat“) before I went into vibing. She hooked pretty fast and I could lower down temperature and investment, before we early went for deep rapport. I took her to an instant date, where we connected deeper. I spiked it up emotionally and sexually and she took it very well.

We went out of the coffee shop and had a little walk away from the crowded parts of the area. As we went on talking she basically pulled me to take a drink. So we went into a bar, where I knew a girl, that was working there. Actually I was lucky that she really worked their that evening.

I flirted a bit with her in front of the target and even tried to soft close her for the next dancing lesson. She mocked a bit indignation, but responded obviously in my favor. Now even the bar girl worked with me, trying to close my target for the next dancing lesson.

When the window for the kiss close was open I had to make a decision. One week ago I lost a girl because I made the kiss close on the instant date. If I would do it this time again I might lose her as well. On the other hand I saw a fair chance for a SDL. It would be rude to the girl not to try to take this chance.

So I went for the kiss close and got it. After a drink we left the bar and went for the train station, where I tried to pull her home, but she resisted. Before she ran away she gave me her number, that turned out to be fake.

Maybe I am the dumbest player in the whole universe. 😉

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