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When it comes to approaching, meeting and dating women, most men regularly rely on nightclubs. Yet most of the guys going to nightclubs, almost never get results. 

There are reasons for that. One of them: They just don’t understand, how a nightclub works. But that is important to understand the societal matrix in the club and how to escape it. Therefor most men in nightclubs almost never get results. 

Let’s have a look a the participants of this game and their intentions:

1. Owner of the nightclub: He wants to make as much money as possible. The money is earned with entry fees, soft drinks and (most of all) alcohol. So he wants to sell as many drinks as possible. 

2. Women: Women go to clubs for fun – dancing, socializing, getting attention by men. They are basically the currency of the club. If a club is full of women, men will automatically follow and most of the men consume alcohol. 

3. Men: They are the group the owner earns the most money with. Most of the men come in the hope they find a girl, although they almost never get results.

As we can see, the owner of the nightclub will make the most money, if many men visit his club, drink and stay there for a long time. 

If any man would get in and instantly take a girl home, he would make the least money. 

So the perfect client for the night club owner is a man, who comes in because of the women, but then fails with them / forgets about them while drinking. 

That’s why the nightclub is a system, that has been designed to make you fail! Almost every detail has the one purpose to trick a man into drinking alcohol and failing with women.  

So, if you want to beat the system, you have to hack your way upward the societal hierarchies in the club. 

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