How Sex happens Magically

The last days and weeks were full of action and business, new experiences and levels were reached, – so it is sometimes hard to keep pace. Not only is it hard to capture all that happens into blog articles, but it is sometimes also tough to process all this mentally and emotionally. That is why I sometimes feel the urge to retreat myself and to regain energy. 

Sex Neediness

While talking with lots of students in the last weeks I regularly encountered certain traits, I think every man has to struggle with sooner or later. It is an urgent need for sex. Even early beginners want to tell me, how many women they already slept with. Guys that are already regularly going on dates ask me questions like:”Why doesn’t she want to have sex with me still? We already had two dates.”

Change the Perspective

These questions result from a very robotic point of view: as if the girl has no own interests or desires herself. As if every girl has to respond to certain actions with appropriate reactions. That has nothing to do with the genuine art of persuasion. 

Let’s change perspective for a moment: How might this feel for the girl? Might she even have her own ideas and wishes? She sure wants sex. Read her body language, see her body beneath you shaking and bending, and you will realize how hard it is for her to fight against it. Though she knows, she will surrender sooner or later. 

But she wants to be ready for it and she wants to feel it right. And therefore she needs time to connect with you. So it is not useful to have an agenda in your head, while she is trying to connect with you. She will sense, that you are not fully in the now, but planning ahead. Instead of that relax! Enjoy the conversation and the company of a beautiful woman! Enjoy her feminine energy and the bit of chaos she brings into your life. 🙂

Just be the cool guy

Guys don’t understand that a man is attractive by himself for a woman. So if you are spending enough time with her, being a cool guy and not expecting anything from her, sex is gonna happen sooner or later. You just need to be a person, she wants to spend time with. So instead of pushing something forward, you should ask: How can I make the both of us a good time? What value can I bring to this girl’s life?

And the sex will happen naturally and magically. It works this way for millions of years – so you can trust me. 😉

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