If You’re Struggling with the Hook Point

Through regular coaching I am reencountering certain problems students are regularly struggling with. While it is the approach anxiety in the beginning and conversation holding up right after, it is the hook point later on.

Reaching the hook point is crucial to make a good set and to extract a solid number. If there is no hook point, the girl is never really interested in the conversation, as she can’t perceive any potential value for herself. She will end the interaction rather sooner than later.

If you have problems to reach the hook point, you either are not vibing enough with the girl or you’re not teasing or disqualifying her. Often times a combination of the three appear in the same coaching.

If you’re not vibing enough, she will never get the good feeling out of the interaction, that will make her invest into it. If your not disqualifying her, she will not figure out, that you have standards. And if you’re not teasing her, she might be afraid, you’re too needy. Because there is one thing worse for a girl than men who don’t approach women: men who approach women, but then stick to them for unlimited time.

If your struggling with reaching the hook point it is probably a combination of these three elements. If you have general problems in expressing yourself or your personality, you should work on that too.

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