It’s Always about Me

Success and failure often are close in time.

In April 2018 I hit Daygame Heaven for a short period of time – I was happy as a pig in the dirt. 🙂 I produced constant results in Daygame, my Nightgame was already improving and I had a girl, that was accepting me and the way I want to live, supported me and was open minded – in every way! 


Six months later I almost died. The recovery took months. The experience was….let’s say impressive. 😉

At that time I couldn’t sleep (literally) for months. So besides the physical pain additional mental stress needed to be handled. It was really tough to mentally master this period. 

So in lonesome nights I sometimes visualized myself being healthy and going out with my girl, taking her to exotic places, sleeping with her arm in arm every night or just being the man for her a girl needs. On very bad days we talked about it and phantasized together.
The main question was:

“How can I become so healthy, that WE are able to….?”

It motivated me and helped me through dark nights.

When I then realized, that I was at some point the last one dreaming of it,  and reality hit me hard, meaning and sense were breaking.

I had fought this for US. What could I fight for now? What could I look forward to?

My health deteriorated again and I was tumbling. 

The turnaround came when I realized I had sabotaged my own mindset. I had made my recovery dependent on another person. 

At that point I started to take myself back into focus and changed the question:

“How can I become so healthy, that I am able to….?”

Meaning and sense returned, opportunities appeared.
So again I had to realize: It is never about the girl. I should never make anything in my life dependent on a girl.
It is just about me and my life. It is about my purpose and my dreams.

It is always about myself and becoming even more awesome and great – if this is even possible. 🙂


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