Monogamy, Polygamy or Hypergamy?

Monogamy, Polygamy, and Hypergamy are words a player sooner or later comes in touch with.


But what do they actually mean and which relevance do they have to humans in general and especially the player?


The monogamy is the current societal life model. Man and woman start forming a family and hopefully give birth to lots of children. After they encountered each other, they will never again have Sex with any third person until they (more or less happy) die. This relationship form is for society the most valuable, as it produces the most children with the highest survival rate. Therefor men and women get manipulated into this relationship form by religion, mass media, pop culture and basically almost everybody else.


Although most men are living in this relationship form, they are not in the slightest generic monogamous. Nature made us men polygamous, as it is our duty to spread our seed as wide as possible. So we are born with the evolutionary program to sleep with as many women as possible. Ever caught the cutout of the hot shop assistant with your eyes, while your girl was looking at the merchandise? That, my friend, was polygamy.


Although women are the bonding partners in the man-woman dynamic and they are constantly asking for a commitment of their favored man, they are also not monogamous. Women are hypergamous. The goal of every woman is to get the best man for her possible and get him to commit. So while a woman would do everything for her man in the good times, she might suddenly in the bad times discover, that now there are other men, more worthful than her currently struggling partner. And she will bring herself in position to become approached by these potentially better partners.

From my experience, the monogamy is nothing more than a lie. In every second relationship, at least one partner is betraying the other.

The player has to maneuver kind of an apocalyptic wasteland: hollow relationships formed by societally programmed zombies. The system oftentimes needs not even to be cracked. It is already broken and the society hacker can live alone from the breadcrumbs, that fall of the table.

Polygamy is nothing more than a fact. It is just this way and every man should at least accept his desires. How he wants to handle them, stays his decision.

Although hypergamy is a real homewrecker and produces (as far as I experienced) lots of tragedy and drama (just have a look on all the fathers fighting for the right to see their children), one can handle it. But it means, that you can never be really relaxed, you always have to push yourself to the best and if you’re struggling, you might lose her. But if you’re constantly working on yourself and your purpose, your girl will be grateful and devoted.

Society hates players, it seems. But the truth is: Without us, the fragile and already broken lie of the society couldn’t be kept alive. We are the glue in the system. 🙂


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