My First Daygame Approach

When did I approach a woman in the daytime for the first time?

Well, it was 2002 and a sunny afternoon. A few days before one of my new found friends in Stuttgart was hanging out at my place. He was a guy of Turkish descent, almost 30 years old and rather small. But I regularly saw him with girls and as I was still quite new in the Stuttgart area, I asked him, where to go to find a girl. While I was expecting him to answer with the names of some well-known clubs or events, he just said:” Just chat them up.”

I asked:” But where?”

And he said:” Everywhere, on the streets, in the public transport, at Business School,…”

He hit me with that, for sure. I had just finished the day in Business School, was sitting in the S-Bahn at mentioned sunny afternoon in 2002. The girl sitting to my right was a blonde HB9, 2 years older than me, as I later found out.

I approached her indirect (although the term wasn’t even coined at that time), talking something about the material I saw her learning. For sure, that led to nowhere and when I asked for staying in touch, she instantly mentioned a boyfriend and I let her go.

For sure I have no idea, how my first approach looked from the outside, but inside I nearly lost consciousness, my heart never before was running so fast and I lost at least half a liter of water during this 5-minute interaction. 

But it more importantly changed something in my perception of me and my place in the world. This first experience changed my view on dating and romance into something connected to competition and challenge. It brought me into a more active position, where I could start to make a change and an impact.

Although I would love to write things like “From this point on nothing could stop me anymore…” or “Now, I just had to follow the way I had found…”, it just wouldn’t be true.

The truth is, from this point on, I knew about the work and I really started to avoid it.
The truth is, on my journey I made almost every mistake and took many wrong paths.
The truth is, there was at least one thing stopping me: It was me, myself and I. 🙂

So, don’t be like me! Don’t take the long path.

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