Nightgame with Phil

“Be careful! Over there are two trannies.” Alarming as this shout out from my wingman was, it left more questions than it gave answers. I carefully looked around and had no idea, whom he actually precisely meant. I decided to step nearer to him to reduce any sort of misunderstanding. Which was a generally good approach, because the air was sick inside this really dark bar. The air was filled with aggression and sex, the overall mood desperate.

He was scanning the area like a mixture of spy and primeval predator for prey. His eyes were locking in as soon as any sort of vulnerability gazed up. I never saw him in this efficient mode, as it was already after 5 in the morning and we had left the club. – Just to head for the nearest After Hour location. So our way led us into this.

After we had sorted out first half of the location, Phil created a hub almost instantly. His vibe and style of socializing gave us two chodes as first bridgehead. From here it was easier to connect with the first set and a single target. Both with lots of make up, so every kind of surprise was possible. In Daygame I recently broke a 30 target age estimation streak. But in this bar, everybody could create his oder her wish old. Everything between 18 and 68 was possible sometimes.

Earlier in the club Phil showed me a couple of sequencies and I saw him working with them, screening the targets almost in seconds. I opened a very feminine HB8 from Argentina and Phil stopped the obstacle instantly. I escalated the girl from Argentina fast and screened her instantly as gold digger, as she was very persistent in her ask for drink. When Phil suddenly recognized my girl as known to him, I suddenly had to deal with the obstacle. And she was crazy af. In the end both had bitten lips from this girl.

I made strong eye contact (“tiger eyes”), while dancing nearer to a girl. But she was there with a mixed set (two chodes) and they both reacted aggressive. Fair enough I said, that this was a club area – to meet different people. Most men don’t understand, how unattractive jealousy is to their girl. Later when I was dancing on the vip area balcony, I regularly caught her eyes. I have never seen so hungry eyes before.

The peak of the party was that moment, when I was waving Phil from upstairs down to the dancefloor and he waved back – while he was having a hMO right on the dancefloor. That and a couple of other incidents finally led to the fact that we were thrown out of the club. Envy and jealousy are always things you have to deal with in this business as a player.

The second location we left early. Too less good targets and we were both exhausted. We had a short interaction with a group of girls from Romania. But they seemed stupid af and it was hard to understand them.

The highlight was, when Phil video called legendary Mystery from my hotel room, while I was already wasted and half asleep on the bed. The player lifestyle in the new decade. What an epic night out.

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