No Pain No Gain

So today daygame session #2 was a real push through.

I hadn’t had good sleep, as my skin problems and gut aching returned. So not enough sleep and a late start in the day. Also I had to fast with solely yoghurt as only nutrition.

The weather was wet and far more cloudy than yesterday and most of all: the Königstraße was (not deserted but) not very crowded at all.

I started the session alone, 10 minutes before my wing arrived. State went better, after the that. We were chatting mostly bullshit and my state step by step went up.

Nonetheless the first 5 sets were basically nothing. Often times, when there just aren’t enough beautiful women outside, you have to go for the 6s and 7s. That makes it not easier, as you are just not that engaged. So 5 sets of pure will, push through and pain.

Set number 6 went differently: She HB8 (20 yo) was walking in opposite direction of me and my meanwhile two wings and gave me a slight IOI with her eyes.

I opened her (“A”) strong, with strong eye contact from pre-approach and a mild tease (ninja), which than expanded after her mild reaction (big feet). And bam that one hit, as she then gave me the strong IOI – I could assume the hook already. And even better: she started to justify herself. As the vibe was strong and she played along very well, I kept it there a while and gave her some more strong and sexual teases, as it felt like the set needed it. She gave me more IOIs and I went for some rapport (traveling), where she totally failed. After some plowing she told me about a trip to Iceland with sleeping under the stars. This opportunity I took for a small role play. I mentioned a camper and how nice it would be, with her cooking in underwear while I’m out for hunting. She was totally on for it. Now it was time to close the deal, as an instant date was not possible. But she first gave me the age shit test, which I amplified 2 times (85 and 14 yo). So the close went through well and I left her with some more sexual spike. If there was a problem with the set, than maybe it was too fizzy, as we were vibing too long and spent too less time in investment. But sometimes you have to play the game as it appears.

But these are the stories a daygamer loves: When after a day of losing (at least it feels like that often times), you finally succeed. So my state then practically hit the peak. 

After that I met again with my two wings and went for the train station. I was ready to call it a day, when I suddenly saw B (HB8, 20). I met here two times in the late summer and we have been on an instant date. Although she was totally my target group (young, artsy, crazy, more introverted) I never really grabbed a hold of her. And I never felt sure, if I really was attracted to her. But I opened her again and we were chatting a bit. She gave me a compliment and I had to close her fast, as I had to catch the train. She excused herself, that she lost her phone and blablabla, but that wasn’t that important for me. I will hit her up, seeing what is now possible and suitable.

But again that pushed my state and I really felt satisfied, as I no generated two leads out of 7 sets. I took the train home and started writing this post while riding.

Then, when I got off the train I saw a young girl walking in opposite direction, that I mistook for the girl on my favored gas station. I opened her strong with my finger pointing on her and saying something like I know you, when I realized she couldn’t be the girl. But this one “C” (HB8, 18) turned out to be very open minded and I tried to close her after a short chat. But her phone was broken, as she showed me, and I just could tell her, where she could meet me. She agreed, but what are the chances. On the other hand this is only a small town, so we should ran into one another sooner or later. 

Counting this 3rd set a close too, I have three new leads out of 8 approaches, two warm leads at least. This was nice. 🙂

So basically Tyler is right, when he says:”You can create the state, that you need, through action.”

Keep pushing guys! 🙂

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