Persistence Hunting

If you want to go for your goals…and I mean real goals: Like getting the girl of your dreams, becoming a player or generally better with women. Then you have to understand how to gain more and more control of yourself, your daily progress and your motivation. 

And to understand this right at the beginning: the human mind is not good at staying long term motivated! In general, we tend to overestimate what we can achieve in a week and underestimate, what we can achieve in a year. Not speaking of what is possible, when you even longer stick with it. So, in general, our minds are lacking perseverance and motivation on the long term. 

If you sometimes have the idea, that it might be possible, that you are living a life of uncovered possibilities, you are almost definitely right. Chances are good, that you are not even near the idea of what really could be possible in your life – from now on.

To understand what could be possible, if the outdated software of our human mind would not be in our own way, we have to understand, how humans actually succeed in general.

An example from our ancestors illustrates this a little further:

As we all know, humans were hunters and gatherers.

Nothing newly remarkable about that, right?

But the actually interesting fact about this is the kind of hunting technique: “Persistence Hunt” or “Exhaustion Hunt”.

Background: Because humans have the capacity of endurance running and less bodily hair, they succeeded over time, when the animal was exhausted. 

And that’s interesting now!

Because it shows, that actual success was always a matter of time, perseverance and motivation. The actual abilities mine and your mind have problems with.

So if you really want to live a life of possibilities, you have to master control over yourself and especially your mind. 

Stop sabotaging yourself! 

Make your mind your biggest supporter instead on your way to your dream goal.

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