Pick Up, Alcohol, Drugs – Game and Addiction

I never was much of a drinker. Sure, I made my experiences, when I was young, but it actually never really was my type of thing. As there were some alcohol-related problems in my family’s history, I was always careful not to drink too much or too often. 

No Woman without Alcohol!

Exception: When I wanted to hit on women, I clearly had to drink alcohol.

I could only game under the influence of alcohol! 

There even was no question, if this was right or wrong. You could see it in every major movie, many advertisements, music, literature and any other form of popular culture:

You have to go out, have some drinks with your friends and then you hit on women. Or even better: she will enter the bar in slow motion and you will talk to her as if magically.

Btw: If you can frame your first encounter with a girl to her in the exact same way as in the last sentence described,…she will marry you. True story… 😉

Even my inauguration into the Arts of Seducing Women by my father basically consisted of one hint:

“Take more money with you, as you‘ll need a few drinks before you can talk to women. *twinkle*” 

My father, kitchen table, approxm. 20 years ago

Anchor: Women – Alcohol

Ok, so in my young man’s head was an anchor: women – alcohol

And this anchor became strengthened every other day: alcohol and women that were related – look at the advertisements of the worst companies! The less the moral, the worse the product – the sexier the advertisement, right?

So alcohol and drugs were clearing my problems with women – But were they really? Sure I appeared more confident and was clearly less reactive when I drank. But unfortunately, I seldom kept the sweet spot at the peak of the night. So most of the time it went down with me and the alcohol and rarely any woman wanted to join me for a drink at my place.

Becoming a Zombie of Modern Society

Instead of becoming more unreactive to the ebbs and flows of life and women’s moods I had become a slave to my own thoughts and emotions. I was turning myself into a victim of dopamine – a classic zombie of the modern world – like 95% of all the other people.

It took me a while to recognize these substance and addiction problems as actually a form of procrastination. The addictions were not hindering me from being successful with women, they were just an excuse. 

Now it was clear for me, that I had to deal with the “women problem” to finally release the anchor. Daygame again should become the modus operandi.

Daygame and its healing effects

Daygame again was the answer: All addictions, depression, and anxieties vanished magically, when I hit the streets hard and worked myself through my problem with women.

So I learned a major lesson in life: 

Addiction is not the problem, it is the obstacle you re not going for!

So, find your obstacles, work on your inner game issues and go for a life on your terms!

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