Screening and sniping

Obviously things are moving more and more in my favor. Although there is still a lot of mental work to do.

Realized this this morning when I felt exhausted and somehow clueless. Thinking how to change this, I led myself to the gym and did some meditation afterwards. Talking to my friends and partners in crime additionally rose my state. But there still was a little sting that I had broken a nice and early streak of two instant dates with HB8s in a row, when driving into the city.

So I still felt not in the best shape for doing high performance A level game. But to be clear about that how often does one actually feel in best shape. Daygame is a routine or daily business which one has to approach in exactly this way. Getting yourself out of the special occupation mindset into a daily habit mindset is crucial. In my honest opinion the only way to achieve stateless game and eventually excellence.

Catching up with a student and some other guys let me finally leave my head and go for the action.

Like in the last two sessions I realized that I was screening far more for my favored type of girl. I even let strong IOIs pass, as one of my students remarked. But I was pretty clear about screening more and going for the sniper approach.

While the first set was not remarkable, the second was already a bit more. She was maybe a 7, but really feminine and very sexual in her appearance and walk. I opened her strong and she instantly realized, what I was coming for, as the IOIs were for I g already. I gave her the tiger eyes and killed every last doubt about my intentions. While her eyes were fucking mine she automatically excused herself after a few words. So she wasn’t available. Serious or new boyfriend – whatever. My state rose more.

Then I saw her passing by and all my player alarms went on. HB8 (18), blonde, stylish, young and very feminine. She saw me before when I was passing by with my friends and stopped before I opened her. She was very receptive and took my light teases perfectly. She’s from Russia and learning German. As she also couldn’t speak English, it was not easy to build comfort.

I led her to the instant date, without asking her for permission and she followed. We had a walk and went for a coffee afterwards, before we went for the train station and said goodbye with a hug. She gave me light congruence test with the age and my friends, but I passed them without any problems.

She also tried to display high value (model, semi professional dancer), but this was more a situation of her qualifying to myself. I didn’t take the baits and passed again with my strong frame.

She closed me already before we approached the train station:”So you want to have my Instagram?” When I answered with mocked indignation:”What, you want my Instagram?” 😊

I rerouted the close to WhatsApp and we made a lose appointment with drinks for Thursday. 3 very nice instant dates with young high quality girls in 4 sessions. I’m grateful and happy.

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