Squirrel hunt

Working in sales on a Friday is always kind of special. Almost everybody is in a good or at least better mood than normally and the spirit is more positive at all.

And having a good spirit over the day is a great start into a late afternoon or early evening Daygame session. Additionally I promised myself a classic OJ me-time for the evening with starting the Uncharted series on the PlayStation.

So the Setting was good, although the clouds and light rainfall took over.

An older lead I’m still working on, asked me spontaneously for a date in the mid of the day, which I had to decline as work wasn’t done. I tried to postpone this offer for 5 pm, but I couldn’t reach her, when I was driving into the city.

So Classic Daygame started with me alone strolling the streets after a short cigarette for the start. My first approach was a rejection, when I met another player and had a wing for the next three approaches. Which also ended in rejections.

Then – all of a sudden – I saw a small squirrel HB8 (21 yo) and jumped into the water again. And she turned out to be very open minded and receptive. I held her hand for quite a while while giving her the tiger eyes. She responded well and gave me IOIs and followed my lead instantly. I teased her a little and connected well and took her for an instant date.

We took a coffee to go and went into the park to chill and smoke. It turned out she owns an erotic model agency and was not less red pill minded than I myself am. 😂 She had a cool spirit and it was great just to relax with her. Squirrel as she is, she was talking all the time and very nervous. So it was important to calm her down just through my presence. So after a while she relaxed and let more go. We were talking lots of rapport things, while I regularly spiked it sexually.

I initiated the kiss close out of a gut feeling and asked her, what was the weirdest thing she had ever done with a stranger met right in the streets. She hesitated, and when I made my move she resisted. So I smiled – no harm, no foul.

When the rain set in stronger again, we went back to the streets, I took her number and left with a good feeling. Those are the stories, only Daygame can produce. 🙂

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