The Swag

Today is full of action: Daygame Workshop and Nightgame later, so I have to take care of my energy level. Good food and sleep are my preparation. Energy management will be crucial over the night.

With new students I can always instantly figure out, where they are at, when I see them the first time. Often times it is not even necessary to hear a full set. Body language and the way they behave in general are most of the times reliable indicators.

Even the way they walk is showing, that they yet not „get it“. There was a movie, I can’t remember which one it was, where the protagonist is saying, that you can see that most people do not have sexy, because they walk a certain way.

It is the swag, that shows people who are relaxed and have a such attitude with sex – a relaxed attitude. Because they have sex and they don’t judge people for it.

People who have sex are expressive. They are not afraid to show their personality. They have nothing to hide. They are align with themselves and the world around them.

You can see it in the way they talk, act and live in a certain way of inner confidence. At peace with themselves and not afraid of or seeking reaction. They just love their kind of life in an uncertain and unsteady world.

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