Weirdos and friends

What a day – spring in January! Walking home from an old friend, I still regularly meet, I could leave the coat open, although it was already after 8. All day the sun was shining, and one could hear the birds chirping. It was beautiful. A bunch of player friends texted me:”Perfect daygame weather.” Indeed it was such.


With my old friend I was later discussing an important topic regarding friends and game. Well, I told him that I lost basically all of my former “non game friends”. Not every time they were initiating the cut, but it became obvious, that not everyone of my former friends is so proud of my new found passion. And those who are still with me are very open minded in their attitude. Fantastic people.

But that is something you have to learn to live with: envy is a very strong emotion. Plus the ego protects itself by feeling disgusted by someone else abilities. So people in general tend to dislike salesmen. And players. Because the former always have money (even in times of war) and for players the same is true regarding women (yes, even in times of war). 🙂

So, yeah, it still is a life decision with wider consequences than most aspiring players think of before. But also true: if people can’t handle this shit even out of spectators position, they’re no good for anybody I think. Families are a different case – sure.

Today was the Daygame Workshop in Stuttgart and I went down the street with a student, who wanted to listen a couple of my sets. I made 5 approaches and 3 of them were fast rejections. One set went longer, about 5 minutes. I opened her with a light tease (“Russia”) and she actually was. Teased her a little, plowed a bit, gave her baits, she never took and struggled for the hook point. At some point I had to assume it. So I went for some comfort, but she didn’t play along and her personality seemed shallow like a slice of wood. So instead of the Russian minute she gave me 5 of them. It was no fun for me, but it was really good for the student, who could see me taking the long path to nowhere and working with a nice spectrum of material.


The other set seemed pretty cute on first glance, but then turned out to be no better than a 6. While she took the opener good, she basically destroyed my game right of the beginning. She was breaking the fourth wall, sold herself very high value and had the energy of a classic squirrel girl. When I wanted to close her for the number, she gave me some “enjoy the moment” talk, I saw the window for the KC opening. But when I went for it, she set back, before I even could make my move. Weird. 🙂

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