Why Nightgame is necessary for Daygamer

Yesterday was amazing. Although the night started slowly, it then afterward went through the roof. It might have been the carnival atmosphere or my awesome costume, but the girls seemed to game themselves after a while. 

Sodom and Gomorrha

In the end, I counted seven kiss closes, one of them with two girls. Our three tongues were winding right in the middle of the club. This was Sodom and Gomorrha! And 8th kiss close I hit with a girl I met at the train station and went in the same S-Bahn home afterward. I definitely was in the zone, people couldn’t believe that I was sober.

When I think back a couple of years, I couldn’t think of going to a night club without drinking. And even then I sometimes felt totally not fitting in. But after constantly working on my game and several issues, my results now get through the roof. 

Daygame made me better at Nightgame

It was my Daygame Challenge that I started in 2017 and that helped to get better at Nightgame as well. Before I became better at Daygame I never was aware of the general social flaws in my daily interactions. So Daygame made me a more likable person. If you need a comparison: Nightgame made me more shiny and funny.

Nightgame made my Daygame better

That’s why everybody who wants to become good at Daygame and constantly get results, needs to learn Nightgame at a certain point as well. You learn to become more outgoing, edgy and polarizing and most of all: self-amusing. 


And if there is only one important thing: then it is self-amusement. It doesn’t matter if anybody laughs about your jokes – as long as you do it. 🙂 

Also, you will always be satisfied: If you’re not going for the results, but for just having fun, every night will become a success with self-amusement. 

And as girls are constantly scanning for people who can bring value (in forms of fun and having a good time) into their lives, you having fun with yourself is a massive attraction trigger.

People just want to get to know you. They at least subconsciously want to know, why you are so happy and if you can help them to reach this state as well. And, my friend, for sure you can. 🙂

Social Matrix in a Nutshell

Nightgame also offers you a social matrix in a nutshell. You can observe the social programmings and dynamics of people in an “isolated” microcosm. Some things in the bigger picture (Daygame or just life at all) are easier to understand if you could see the smaller picture (Nightgame) beforehand. 

Body Language

Body language becomes increasingly important: You know a lot about people and couples when you observe their body language. I think with some practice you could make fairly often the right guess of the duration of a couple’s relationship, by just observing their body language. 😉

So it works for a long time to just do Daygame and become quite good. But if you want to become a master of Daygame you need to become fairly good at Nightgame as well. 

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