Ok, sometimes you have to change pace. Or better to say: you have to stay off the pattern. In the end Social dynamics and every form of interaction are a bit of a gamble with lots of unknown variables and big part of luck.


So I took a chance and went to the work places of the yesterday girl. I brought her a single rose and persisted with the wish to get to know her better. The result was not spectacular. At least I found out she already had talked about me and yesterday with her colleague. So again, I sure am in her head and this adventure is not finished yet. We’ll see where this is going.

Today we were in the peak 5 guys for Daygame and it was maybe the funniest session I ever had. It is amazing how well the girls respond to laughter and fun atmosphere: the bombarded us with IOIs.

I myself focused today more on bitchy and white trash girls. Sometimes I feel like that. 🙂 They are far out of my target group, but it makes sometimes fun to play around with them and their fragile ego. I even closed one of them. It was a real quick one, as she was in a hurry to catch a train.


This is now a peak situation: the dates flood in meanwhile and success has become my only possible expectation. It is important now to grab a hold on the ego, to let it not get in the way of my successes. I will stay humble and be grateful for every moment. Humbleness – gratefulness – no expectations. Peace out!

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